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The problem with overclock Base Socket 1150

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MEM = F3-12800CL6D-4GBXH

CPU = i3 4130 and i5 4430

MB = Maximius VII GENE



problem = Without Oerclock Of base CPU

memory frecuency 2400 time 1t 1.71v

But After oVer of base

Base = 106.8

memory frecuency 2400 not boot mb

memory frecuency Above 2200 Motherboard Not boot


CPu Voltage = 1.150

MEM Voltage = 1.7 ~ 1.8 To no avail

Cpu system agent voltage 1.15

Cpu digital IO و cpu analog IO


Where is the problem


My English is not good

GOOGLE translte


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Can you boot 106,8 with low mem divider like 1600 or 1800? Set setting hiigh bclk and sb pll in bios, this helps bclk oc. And I had similar problem once, there vga could not do higher pci-e frequency that comes with bclk oc, maybe you can can change graphic card if other stuff does not help

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