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Personal Achievements Not Updating


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Is there anything I can do here?

I feel like a recalc of my subs would fix this, but I don't see any way to do a recalc for my account, only for single subs.


Edit: Found the recalculate button. One achievement popped up, but there are still a lot that aren't up to date.

Still didn't update league points.

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Seems like it may have been a raft of subs after the last software update that did not behave normally? When I go to my points tab on my profile page, all of my recent subs are there with the appropriate points, but they just are not reflected in my league points total and ranking. I just put in a more recent DDR clock score last week and the points updated normally.

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Seeing more drops in league points, I assume it's because I've got subs making previously calculated subs drop off my top 15/20 list and the new ones aren't calculating in.

Know you guys are working on it, but I just wanted to toss a quick update.


Also, TyphooNick, that's about the same time mine haven't updated.

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Fixed the achievements by going into each one individually and hitting recalculate there.


League points still aren't updating though, and I've dropped more old scores off the list.

Down to 118.8 now, should be around 357.3 currently.

So I'm basically in ~300th place instead of ~60th for the Enthusiast League.

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