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  1. Looking for help with SA/IO voltages on MOCF. These voltages no longer update/change either in BIOS or OS Formula Drive. All others can be changed and stick, including CPU, PLL and mem. Verified with DMM. Tried flashing BIOS: 7.40, 7.40D, 7.41. Tried flashing MEI separately. Replicated with two different Kaby chips, both showing normal SA/IO voltage adjustments in my backup (non-M)OCF. Ideas?
  2. Great score Vince! I just love that in the mad scientist KPOC lab, it still comes down to blue towels and rubber bands. XD
  3. @Leeghoofd I know this is the way we always do things (different primary hardware for each scoring sub), but it would be good to have the rules page for each stage or at least each subcomp say that outright, esp for those who haven't benched comps here much or ever. And BTW LOVE that background. Simple and to the point. 😁
  4. Heads up HWBOT mods but the only guys to make Montreal both times the last 2 years were me, Rasparthe and marc0053, and I am 100% sure I can't make it and 99.9% sure neither of them can either
  5. Guys I also still have space for one more in my room. Also still looking for anyone who wants to carpool south from CT. Strong Island are you in?
  6. OK guys, here's my situation. Sorry for the late update but I like so many wasn't sure of all my logistics until now: I have a queen room with room for 1 additional cot/bencher which will be $25/night per hotel policy. Happy to share with anyone who wants a place to crash. PM me if you're interested. I will be driving my truck down from CT on Thursday night and back on Sunday afternoon. I have room for up to 2 additional benchers with gear along the route from CT to NYC through Jersey to Philly. If anyone along the route wants to carpool and save on parking, let me know and we'll figure it out. Can't wait to see you guys and freeze some chips!
  7. Definitely PSU, screen and keyboard aerotracks. I can loan Z170 MOCF w/ KBL BIOS but I may need it for part of the time.
  8. Now that is a run for the ages. And maybe better to come with LN2!!
  9. If anyone is willing to book non-refundable: https://www.loewshotels.com/special-offers/limited-time-summer-offer?chebs=save20pop
  10. I'll be in Philly too! Thu-Sun. Coming alone, likely staying with friends but will make a hotel res if not, willing to share if that happens. I have an extra monitor, mouse, keyboard, and 750W power supply.
  11. I am still in funsoul, hopefully there are enough folks to make a go of it.
  12. Does that mean first weekend is official Max or Stefan?
  13. Just voted, I am definitely in all 3 days either weekend, was able to block both off from work.
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