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my acount is hacked OR............ GameTheory is hacked


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hi every body

in the afternoon i send a request for the change Nickname in this topic



(from Game theory to IR.Oc.Godfather)


and now i have seriosly problem on login to HWBOT.ORG

change password is not working true. i tried to change my pass but all my submits is gone


admin's plz handel it :)


best reguard!

Amirhosein manager of game theory account

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Try to click the english flag at the top right of the website then try to login again.

Let me know if it works.

nop it's not work :(


All your submissions are still there as far as I can see.


I don't see anything strange to your account. To reset your password, maybe you're checking the wrong email?

yes i can see too

but i cant login :(


i think password reset have softwear bug.

i didnt khow why?

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  • Crew
hi dear Ali

i think, i'm Not justified :(

how ever i think IRANIAN overclocker needs more justified From U (Specially U) ;)

but i think With all input(rookies);)

this option a littelly buged plz block this option (yes baby)


tnx all admin's

i still w8ing for bring me back my account :)


as always, i will support you guys, and have talked with dear chris :)

just let me to check it again ...

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