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Just picked up a x58 classy board and a 920 to gain some more points and general thrashing :D now i have never had the pleasure of tweaking this platform yet and its causing a few headaches, mainly a lock up issue at always 225bclk. No matter what voltages, auto or giving it some it locks up at 225, i have dropped the multi and it locks up at 225. It will pass any bench at 224 which leads me to think its hard drive related. Theres no bsod it just freezes in windows.

Qpi is low and ram speed is also set low to rule these out.


I have tried the main port which i believe is connected to the south bridge and also tried the jmb red port near the pcie lane and both do the same.

The hard drive i am using is a 2.5" lappy drive, got 3.5"mech and loads of ssd's should i be using one of the others instead??


There must be something i'm missing??


Oh yeah installed win7 with drive in ide mode, should i re-install with ahci?


HELP!!! ;)

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Thanks for the tips guys, i'm currently at 5180mhz but its strange as its not consistent possibly due to turbo?? If i turn it off my max multi is 20x. Is the evga eleet software not reliable?? In bios pcie is at 125 and on eleet 104??

Currently testing the platform on win7 and 33% of boots i have an issue where i open cpuz and a pop up asks if i want to send to the recycle bin, with about 12 of these open and only way to get rid is to reset.

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cpuz =>mainboard tab

Is your chipset a rev. 13 ?



You need to stabilize your system and experiment with the voltages.


For constant 21X that's all it needs

Intel SpeedStep = Disabled

Turbo Mode Function = Enabled

CxE Function = Disabled


What's the rest of your settings ?


EVGA VDroop Control = Without VDroop ?

QPI Frequency Selection = 4.800 GT/s ?


CPU Uncore Frequency = ?


Voltages ?

Vtt ?

Pll ?

Qpi ?

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

The software isn't reliable, most likely. Try a little lower first, Nick. I couldn't get above 120 very stable but it allowed me to hit >260 BCLK and I am sure I could've done it on less too.

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I'll post some settings up tomoz when i'm on my pc. I most probably am rushing and going straight in with too much voltage. I have just been trying to push max frequency and nothing more for now as the ram what i have isn't great, OCZ blades 2000cas9, they were advertised as 2000cas7 and just grabbed em quick without checking throughly, you win some you lose some :( but they were cheap.


Anyhow there set to there lowest possible speed to rule them out, qpi is very low and uncore is on its lowest setting too.

What is the relationship between pci and the rest, why does increasing that allow a better core clock??


If you were to set up X58 what hardware/os would you pick??? Strictly for 2D benching


Hard drive??



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Guest TheMadDutchDude

The PCIE clock ties into various things, although I am not entirely sure what.


Benching strictly 2D, I'd advise a trimmed down XP. That's what I used. Lewis, Dewi and I have a shared Dropbox with various things on there. PM me and I can add you to the list if you want. :)


Are you increasing PCIE voltages? If you are, don't. I could use 120 without any form of increase at all. Stock actually worked better than giving it more volts.


What kind of voltage are you pushing on the CPU?


I used an SSD, I can't be bothered with the OS loading times. ;)

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Cheers bud ;) already got a lite 32bit XP


Pcie is one that i increased the most other than vcore, like i said think i'm rushing in!! The core i have had around 1.58v cant remember the pcie volts but it was very high!!


I hear ya on the loading times, worse thing for me on XP as its on a mech, i'm not what you call a patient type!

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@Tasos you asked what revision of board, its rev 1.0 does this make a difference??




I asked you about your chipset revision (not the board)

cpuz =>mainboard tab


Early stepping of the chipset where identified as revision 12 and where not so good as later stepping revision 13

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those blade you got shouldnt be that bad-if they are no elpida hypers which were used on some c9 models then it should be bbse i think.

so maybe just loosen up one timing(trcd) and they will clock with volts. can i ask you how high you can get with 100 pci-e?

normally ya can go to 220 or little over. so maybe you have to high? and your harddrive locksup. just a thought.

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I have isolated the bclk from cpu,qpi, and ram and the max i can achieve is 240, this is with pci at 110 and vtt at 1.6v not quite sure how high i can push this voltage under phase.

After looking through submissions for a 920 its looking about right for the board, so maybe i should get my hands on a rampage or giga OC.


At 100 pci-e and other settings normal, as in not pushing for frequency its barely stable at 4.6g temps at -56c

Going to test the blades now on haswell and if there no good they will be going with the rest!!

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