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4790K - G3240s - G.SKill Ram - G3258


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1) 4790K - SOLD


Used once for some 3D benching on DICE but have no use for it now, was a decent enough clocker and did all my 3D benches at around 5.4GHz


2) G.SKill Ripjaws 2000MHz C9 1.6v - SOLD


Had these in a draw for a while, believe them to be PSC due to their operating voltage and rated speeds. Made with the ST PCB that some of the G.SKill Pi series were made with. Average clockers and price reflects that. 2500MHz 8-12-8-24 was around Max.


3) Penitum G3240 - £35 inc shipping


Best clocker of the bunch I had. Will do 109.6MHz BCLK under single stage, fantastic chip for anyone who wants to try their luck at the G.Skill world cup. Could possibly (and I assume it should) hit well over 110MHz BCLK under LN2.


4) Pentium G3240 - SOLD


Overclocks a little worse than the other one at 108.7MHz BCLK on single stage. Still a very decent above average chip.







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Hi !!!


4790k on water , how much clocking ??


I am on enthusiast league ... is for water ....


I want 4790k decent 5 ghz on some benchs 4.8 stable on XTU .... I am from Spain , pay on IBAN transfer on EU.

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Hi !!


Dont boot at 5 ghz on air - water but at 4.8 ghz its posible , and another things I was thinking on 2011 socket , Z97 chipset I dont have any motherboard ... sorry , the next time for another interested.


Thanks and sorry for thinking on 2011 socket ...

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