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MOSFET Identification


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Not exactly sure if this would be the right place for such a thread and it's not a voltmod I'm asking for.....

But anyway here goes.


I'm trying to redo some MOSFETs on a board and I cannot find any real technical info on the ones I'm trying to replace - The part numbers from the MOSFETs I have I'm using but so far I've come up with nothing.

Trying to find a direct replacement also seems to be a real pain, haven't found anything on that part of it either.


Getting an equivalent MOSFET per specs would work fine but trying to find a place to start so I don't drop in a piece that will do more harm than good isn't going so well.

The MOSFETs in question are for the CPU circuit of a board I'm working on and this is the info I have on these.


MOSFETs are manufactured by Alpha and Omega according to the mark before the part number itself.

These are the two pieces I need to redo the power circuit:








Thanks in advance guys.

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