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Potential new achievements?

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I think it's time that we had a few new achievements, what I'm suggesting is that we have a new batch of some of the socket achievements for the now EOL sockets, i.e. 1155, AM3, AM2, FM1 etc etc


Also a couple of others I think might be good are AMD 64 guru (any AMD 64 chip across 754, 939, AM2 etc) and Pentium 4 guru (Same thing across different socket.)


I don't know what to suggest as numbers for these since I'm sure you guys have some sort of calculations for what each one should be but I do believe these would be good additions.

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IMO there should be achievements for all sockets - but I understand if it's very low priority. I guess these are mostly for us nutcases :P


The only reason I didn't say latest sockets too is that it could be more difficult to predict how many submissions will be made on the socket from release and you don't want to make it too difficult or hard to achieve.

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