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Cannot comment on HWbot scores

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Slight BUMP for not being able to comment on others scores. Not even on mine... with the exception when I add the comment during score submitting - then there is the comment. But not any other times :(


Entering forum nick and pass there:




Cause only this message:






Once again - I did not wanted to create any account. I already have it. I need to link my HWbot and my HWbot forum accounts. That it is. This is not possible, or what I doing wrong?

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Cleared the cache and... look! Suddently, there is, at the end of every score, now this nice box:




And yes, it works:

1st comment: http://hwbot.org/submission/2512051_christian_ney_reference_clock_775dual_vsta_355.16_mhz

2nd comment: http://hwbot.org/submission/2430766_ludek_reference_clock_775i65g_352.44_mhz


So I would say that this is fixed. Thank you very much, finally it works!

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