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Full Equipment for Sub zero


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Hi,i would like to sell the following combo :


1.Inflection point CPU pot (non EK) -150

2.Wide Slim GPU Pot @ ryba -70

3.Kingpin Dominance Memory Pot -50

4.Kingpin Nbb pot -30

5.Ryba FAT GPU LN2/Dice POT -150

-perfect condition ,clean work, included K-Type probe tested -180*without problem

-the POT is cleaned and polish with NEVR-DULL "magic wadding polish"...first insulated with Thermaflex PVC tape the cooper/alu part and then 9mm armaflex gluten with armaflex/armacell kleber AF520, so if you want used another way to insulated ..you can simply peel off the TAPE and the cooper/alu part remains like new.

if you have already one and want to use sli/cross bench configuration ...or if you just need a massive FAT pot for monster gpu´s ...this is the best one


6.Fluke 177 RMs -180

7.Voltcraft k102 -40


Combo price - 600 without shipping.

I used 3 times the cpu pot and 1 time the slim gpu pot :) (with dry ice).

Some pictures,more of them when i get home form work.

I would also be interested in a gtx 980 as a trade.


Full album with pictures,i have to find voltcraft box and tool to put it there as well - http://imgur.com/a/RiuLN

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Barely used people,come and grab them.

Fluke and voltcraft still have warranty,if you thing you gonna need it.

The cpu pot has ek mount,just have to find the box with it :)).


I will make another thread soon with these motherboards ,so you can make combo deals :

3 x Rampage Extreme


Asus P5E3-Pro

Asus P5e3 premium wi-fi ,full package and accesorries

Asus P5q3 p45 ddr3


Updated the first post with pictures.

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