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Announcing users before blocking a score

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Hey guys!


I just got a 3DMark 2003 score blocked or deleted, probably for a controversial reason :)


My question was....if (from whatever reason) a score must be blocked or deleted, don't you think it would be fair to notice the user too? I thought this is how things get done ( I never got any score blocked before), and if you have lots of results it's pretty hard to see which one is missing and caused the point loss :)


Regarding why my result was deleted, I would like to ask you guys what happend with the discussion here, and with the suggestions some of us had in that thread, especially the suggestions made in posts #2, #4 and #37 :)


Thx guys :)

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The user should have recieved a mail with the explanation as moderators add one to the score when blocking a result. If you didn't recieve a mail, please let us know.


Now, untill the new rules are anounced, hardware sharing is still forbidden. In addition, result sharing will ALWAYS be forbidden (nothing controversial afaik).

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Ok. So, I didn't receive an email, and my friend didn't receive an email also, so there is something wrong with that feature.


As for the result sharing... I NEVER encouraged such a thing, and I will NEVER agree with that, I don't even know why you bring that up. But, I am really waiting for the new set of rules regarding hardware sharing and joined benching, because we talked about that a few months ago, and I thought it would be solved by now. :(

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Well....it is not the only feature that is not working, so...it happens :))


I am aware that HWB is growing pretty fast, new server is coming up, vBulletin keeps on updating and changing stuff from version to version...So I am sure that it is not an easy job you guys are doing there. I am sad I have no coding skills, or else I would have gladly offered to help, if needed.


Anyway, I am glad to hear that you guys are almost finished with the new set of rules, that is good news indeed. Maybe you will take in consideration some other new features too, like memory overclocking, or GPU overclocking, just in the way the CPUZ results are used for CPU overclocking.


Can't wait to see the new thing in HWB world :)

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I am unsure if I had a result blocked is there anyway I can find out? (I have checked my email but there are no notices in inbox/spam/etc)


The result I am missing was in no way fake (or even that good lol) I am just curious why I dont have it anymore...


Sorry to go OT on the thread :)

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