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gpu pi calculation tab for new submissions


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An HWBOT moderator, "websmile", has blocked one of your submitted scores. It has marked one of your submissions as 'insufficient verification'.

This was the reason the user gave:

Please check rules, pi calculation is done tab is mandatory, insufficient verification

You can view your result here:



dear sir,

this gpu pi submission date is 16th of june. from 1st week of june all gpu pi submissions will not have pi calculation ok tab because we can upload the screenshot or save data file after cliking ok on pi calculation done. all submission before month of june should have pi calculation tab is fine.

i think this explains the issue. you can check any recent submission.


k.satesh kumar


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Until the rules are not cleared I can not make further comment - you see rules at hwbot, and on example screenshot the pi calculation is done tab is mandatory.

Edit Rules have been cleared, result is unblocked - btw, there are 2,1.1 submissions 3 days old that are using the tab, so that some people use and others don´t is never a hint on which is OK

Edited by websmile
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