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Triggers to Smoke


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Quitting smoking is a long process and cannot be expected to take place overnight. One becomes so closely associated with smoking that no matter what Help to quit smoking is sought after, a determined mind is required to fight addiction. A smoker reacts to everything by lighting up a cigarette. Happiness or sorrow both lead him to smoke. Even if he is angry he finds comfort in smoking. Thus a smoker becomes closely associated with smoking not realizing the dangerous effects of smoking on his health. Once determined to quit smoking one must learn to understand the reasons behind the urge to smoke and respond with healthier habits. Patience and determination are utmost important. In spite of the difficulty in quitting smoking it is a habit which can be surely quit. One must not drive oneself too hard and give some more time to it. The four powerful reasons behind an urge are huger, anger, loneliness and tiredness.




Hunger should not be satiated with cigarettes. One must take proper meals to avoid hunger. Lot of water should be consumed to avoid putting on weight. Healthy snacks like celery sticks, raw baby corn etc should be kept handy. As metabolism decreases it is a good idea to exercise daily.


Anger is another important cause for urge to smoke cigarettes. One must find healthy outlets for the feeling of anger and frustration. Once the anger is vented out its intensity becomes low. If something is bothering in the head one must try to get rid of it by talking to friends or venting it out some other way. Positive self talk is another way to get out of fits of anger. It is important to maintain a positive outlook as this can change the world around.


One might feel lonely or fall into depression while quitting smoking. The quitter begins to feel the loss of a friend initially. It is important to change the environment around and it might usually change the attitude.


One must not push oneself too hard while quitting smoking as fatigue is a strong trigger to smoking. Instead of smoking one can relax or go to bed early.

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