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(FS)4670K/ PSC bundle


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up for sale are a couple of CPUs and PSC, all items are working




1. Intel Core I5 4670K boxed batch L315B388


Perfect condition, box and cooler can be part of the deal. VID 0,976v on ImpactVII, the cpu runs extremely hot because of my boxed-like cooler, anyway I managed to run 5ghz 32m 1,35v 4/4. Due to the scaling batch and low VID this cpu seems to be a good option on cold, for normal use you better delid it or use strong watercooling :D. Good IMC, 2800c9 tight with Samsung and 2667C8 tight psc work easily



2. Intel Core i7 4770K batch L315B407


CPU was delidded and treated with liquid metal, it is now reworked and uses Gelid Extreme as TP. VID on Asrock and Impact 0,976v, on air CPU did 5ghz 4/8 32m 1,21v on Asrock Z97, 5ghz core 5ghz cache at 2800C9 tight 1,20vcore. Tested after apllication of Gelid for function and works flawless


jd801418yksi8.jpg 5-5waza1400c9pfs42.jpg


3. 9x2GB X-PSC (GSkill Flare, Ripjaws, ExceleramVX, Dolphin)


The bundle contains the following kit: 2x2GB GSkill Flare DDR3-2000 9-9-9-24, 2x2GB GSkill Ripjaws DDR3-1600 7-8-7-24 (2x); 2x2GB Exceleram VX DDR3-2000 C7-10-9-24. On top comes a Dolphin DDR3-2133 C9-10-9-31 stick with 2286 xmp :D. The first eight sticks do 2400 C7 on Z77 between 1,57-1,72v at single tests(2x1,57v, 1x1,63v, 2x1,65v, 1x1,69v, 1x1,71v and 1x1,72v), on Z97 I tested the flare and the Exceleram for 2600 C8 around 1,88-1,9v and the ripjaw kits at 1,8v 2667 8-13-10-28 twcl6 4-5-4 tertiaries and the secons ripjaw kit for 2600 8-12-8-28 twcl6 4-5-4 1,8v and 2667 8-13-8-28 1,85v 32m. The Dolphin stick is only tested to work. All of the sticks are useful air clockers, but especially the ripjaws could be real interesting on cold because they can take tight subs and beat nearly all 2400C8 and C9 kits for example I know of on voltage at 2667 on air.


jd801419y0k9o.jpg jd801420tojc5.jpg jd8014210muzt.jpg jd801422phuvz.jpg



1. 245 Euros+shipping now 240 Euros shipped sold

2. sold

3. 180 Euros shipped


Preferred payment options are paypal and western union, buyer is responsible for fees. If I shall ship outside of EU, please ask me for shipping quote, on some locations I am not so fond anymore to ship to after I learned that certain forums prohibit sales outside of their country while benchers from these forums loot stocks worldwide, there are enough black hardware holes already ^^



Disclaimer: no returns, no warranty provided by me because I sell as a private person who had hardware and benching as a hobby. On oc ymmv, but I test on air and with non cherry picked components most of the time

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4670K pending, on the mem bundle, I also sell sperate

4x2GB GSkill Ripjaw 1600c7 110 Euros+shipping

2x2GB Exceleram 2000C7 40 Euros+shipping

2x2GB G.Skill Flare 2000c9 40 Euros+shipping


P.S. Consider my Gene, bundle will save you shipping cost for one item at least

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