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Xbox 360 volt reduction?


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I have a couple of XBox 360s here to repair for friends. One is back up and running and OOOOFT these things are hot, coupled with poor airflow.


Does anyone know how much I can drop the voltage before instability would become a problem? I don't want to spend hours testing these, if I could take e.g... 0.2v off and "be done with it" .... that'd be nice!


Cheers :)

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Truth be told dude you are better off getting the later model heatsinks, they were better at cooling the system down and with good thermal paste + the later model heatsinks they weren't that hot. I might have a few here, PM me on skype if you want me to send you them?


From what I can remember also it wasn't really a temp related issue that the 360 had. More than anything it was poor solder joints on the GPU that cracked and stopped the system from working, so reducing voltage might not really be needed. At the end of the day most laptops run 80c+ daily without much issue.

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Well... package and thermal are definitely linked.


I'm pretty sure the one I had running yesterday would pass 80c effortlessly under load with the shell back on :/


Please can you post pics of what you have? I just had a quick Google hunt.... these units might have the bigger heatsinks :/ (and thankyou for the offer!)

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

80c is crazy. Have you got the heatsinks there with the heat pipe and one extra, smaller heatsink in front of the CPU? My 360 is a 2009 'Jasper' model and it still works flawlessly to this day.

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