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Z97X-SOC Force Randonly Fails to Boot?

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So this has been driving me crazy recently. Two major issues which are a pain in the ass. Using latest extreme BIOS, X08.


First, the board hates my SSD. 75% of the time it hangs on A2. I have to keep hitting reset until it finally detects the SSD. This happens on BIOS F8d as well but doesn't happen on any other board (P5E3, REX, MVII Impact, X58A-OC).


Second and more annoying... the board will randomly start failing to boot. 4.8GHz is 100% stable... it can run stress tests all day and be happy but randomly it will fail to boot. It goes through the boot cycle like normal and then pauses on 62 for a bit longer than normal and will change to 64 and then crash. It will reset one more time before finally allowing me into the BIOS and giving a Boot Failed message. At this point I can sometimes reset and get the clocks to stick. Other times, however, it will just continue to fail over and over again and I'll have to switch to the other BIOS (F8d) which seems not to exhibit this trait.


Any ideas? Anyone else getting this? Any chance at an X09 BIOS?

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