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Wrong chipset in Chaintech 9VJL3 mainboard


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HWbot claims, that the Chaintech 9VJL3 mobo use a VIA PT800 chipset:



I would like that to be true, but sadly it is not. According to these infos, the mobo is most definitively NOT using modern PT800 chipset, but suxxking VIA P4X400 one:






Of course, all these sources could be wrong, however when even a manual insist on VIA P4X400 chipset:





Then I believe that we can all agree, that the chipset is not PT800, but rather P4X400 ;)


...because it perform like one, lol. (read - it is painfully slow, giving SuperPi 1M test in 2min 9sec and something, witch suxx)


Hence I suggest the obvious: fix the chipset to VIA P4X400 one ;)

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Also pls put there this, much nicer, image:




...even I understand that it will be probably ghosted by the sample thing, because Chaintech does not support HWbot... but... do Chaintech even exist now? Should not be mainboard from companies, that aren't existing now, spared this dreaded "sample image" whitewash? Because... well... it is ughly and the company that is dead cannot in any way even support HWbot again, so we will forever end with this ughly "whitewash"...


/just thinking out loud, pls don't shoot me...!

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Yes, it does. Reported to Franck. All he says is:


hello Pavel,

I'll check that.

Thanks !!



So it should be fixed in new release...



...the sample image will remain there forewer? Just asking... don't shoot me, pls! IIRC Chaintech is not existing anymore, or does it?

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