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Chi-Kui Lam - Core i7 6700K @ 6998.9MHz - 6998.88 mhz CPU Frequency


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I tested on 1.72.1 and the max validation is almost same because this is slowmode tweak.

the different between 1.72.1 and 1.73 is the difficulity , u need to spent more time to wait for "F7" key.


when I got 6.998GHz , I spent 3 more days to chase 7GHz .

However , the 2MHz is far away for me. T.T

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Absolutely agreed. This is almost 7GHz score and that is pretty damn good in my humble opinion. However, gotta ask... what is with the hairdrier? You are trying to increase the temperature of components, like coild and caps, that like more temperature that subzero or what?


Yep, caps have their sweet spot at around 45°C - then they give highest ripple current = best stability for your O/C CPU. Coils like even higher temps...

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