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Socket 462(A) database

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I've been going through my database and noticed some things that need to be fixed in the hwbot database for socket A.

It's possible I'm missing or don't know something, so someone else need to double-check.


1. Athlon 1266MHz (Thunderbird) is missing. I don't have it, maybe it is rare, don't know.


2. Athlon MP 1200 has 2 variants (100 and 133 FSB) and maybe should be split into 2 diff categories, just like Athlon 1000, 1200 and 1400.


3. Athlon MP 1700+. I can't find information that it actually exists. I think it is just regular XP identified as MP and submissions in the database are wrong.

If someone has photo of that CPU, please share. OPN should be AMP1700DMS3C if it exists.


4. I don't think there are XP-M 1800+, 1900+, 2000+ and 2100+ with Barton core on s.A. Only Thoroughbreds exist (no 2100+ though). Lowest XP-M Barton is 2200+.

Unfortunately, existing submissions in these categories can't be correctly identified. All XP-M Bartons look exactly the same in CPUZ (minus the difference in AGESA identification code in diff bioses/boards).

Bartons with these ratings are for Socket 563 / PGA563, according to CPU World.


5. What is Mobile Athlon XP 1500+ and Mobile Athlon XP 1800+?

In my opinion it is just taken from the cpuz screen and the identification screen coming from the motherboard. It's like that only because it falls under some virtual rating based on the current frequency.

Same as CBID showing P-Rating 3700+. God knows what models people had actually used :/

For example on Mobile Athlon XP 1500+ rankings, both people used it on some VIA board at 100x13. Maybe move to XP-M 1500+ and XP-M 1800+, although we can't be sure about the exact model.

If we assume they ran it on default and the board detected startup FSB and multiplier correctly, then the specs match for both models.


6. Sempron 3100+?

Same thing I guess. There's no such model for s.A.


The most reliable way to identify these CPUs is by photo, but almost noone does it.

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Yeah, I have many models missing. Basically all MP's, most of the Mobile Duron/Athlon 4.

Trying to get them all, but it seems they are getting rare and more expensive now.

I remember 2 years back, there were many more s.A chips on ebay.

Yes. Getting tougher and tougher to come by. I've noticed also.

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