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M6E / Z87 MPower


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Having a sort through everything thats been in the wardrobe the past year or so, couple of Z87 boards i've got spare and no use for.


M6E. iirc i got this from XA with proven non chip killer record. :D Previously prepped for cold but mostly cleaned up.




MSI Z87 MPower. Never been on cold. Used this when i had my good 4770k before i screwed the nuts off it and sent it to silicon heaven. (RIP L310!)




Both sold as seen, i.e, no accessories etc. I've got all the MPower stuff though so if someone desperately wants i can go dig it all out. (box included).


Not sure what the going rate these days is so £80 for the M6 and £50 for the MPower. (+ postage). If thats way off the mark someone let me know! :)

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