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  1. Has anyone here ever attempted to run a fermi card on LN2 Without the IHS? I am pretty sure that my card will have some horrible thermal paste and I am wondering if I can run direct die or if I should just fill it up with kryonaut and move on?
  2. This thread gets updated a few days before I plan on getting mine, lucky me
  3. So who is going to be the one who breaks this one?
  4. TheGamingBarrel

    [FS] Asus Maximus VIII Impact + i3 7350k

    How does the 7350K Clock?
  5. TheGamingBarrel

    ES CPU/GPU submission points - thanks HWbot

    So if you can get current ES Hardware through ANY means you're elite? Alright, thanks for clearing up
  6. TheGamingBarrel`s XTU score: 1091 marks with a Core i5 4690K Enough proof that we are all crazy?
  7. TheGamingBarrel

    ES CPU/GPU submission points - thanks HWbot

    But what happens if I were to buy a large amount of G.Skill ES RAM From members from here? It would show in the SPD That it's ES, and if I have multiple sticks it would look like I have gotten them from G.Skill, or that I can buy ES 6700K's off of eBay, not actually taking a dig at you, merely curious.
  8. TheGamingBarrel

    Samsung DDR3 Trident X Batch

    Thanks so much man, will have a look as to what is avaliable to me
  9. Does anyone know what age chips are usually stronger? Looking for some backup benching / daily RAM
  10. TheGamingBarrel

    ASUS impact viii and Extreme viii

    Sorry, but I will have to pass then
  11. TheGamingBarrel

    ASUS impact viii and Extreme viii

    How much shipped to the UK?
  12. TheGamingBarrel

    Z97 OC Formula

    Looking to buy one for a friend, needs to be in perfect condition, thanks for the space Shipped to UK Please
  13. TheGamingBarrel

    Z170 OC Boards

    Looking for a Z170 Board good for Non-K OC with some cold, perfectly fine with boards that are insulated. Looking for 160 Euros or below, long shot but hope you guys have something you don't need
  14. Have you got any specs for that little devil unit?
  15. TheGamingBarrel

    [FS] MSI X99A Xpower ES

    What if I use LHe instead?