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  1. I've got two sticks of Ripjaws 4 2400 C15, from a 4X4GB Kit, uploading time stamp soon https://imgur.com/a/8jJir8F
  2. Has anyone here ever attempted to run a fermi card on LN2 Without the IHS? I am pretty sure that my card will have some horrible thermal paste and I am wondering if I can run direct die or if I should just fill it up with kryonaut and move on?
  3. This thread gets updated a few days before I plan on getting mine, lucky me
  4. So if you can get current ES Hardware through ANY means you're elite? Alright, thanks for clearing up
  5. TheGamingBarrel`s XTU score: 1091 marks with a Core i5 4690K Enough proof that we are all crazy?
  6. But what happens if I were to buy a large amount of G.Skill ES RAM From members from here? It would show in the SPD That it's ES, and if I have multiple sticks it would look like I have gotten them from G.Skill, or that I can buy ES 6700K's off of eBay, not actually taking a dig at you, merely curious.
  7. Thanks so much man, will have a look as to what is avaliable to me
  8. Does anyone know what age chips are usually stronger? Looking for some backup benching / daily RAM
  9. Sorry, but I will have to pass then
  10. Looking to buy one for a friend, needs to be in perfect condition, thanks for the space Shipped to UK Please
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