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  1. Hi Bruno, do you know what the chiller can do with no load?
  2. Hey, it seems I can only log in to my forum account, but not my hwbot.org one! Retrieve password function is working properly now, I think I had to change it during the migration before
  3. Hey, I'm interested in the OC F, it looks like the Z390 Dark already sold
  4. Hey, I'm interested in the GTX2's, 3000c12 MFR, 2600c10 DOM Plat Samsungs and the 2000c6 PSC, would you be willing to ship to Europe?
  5. Hey guys, if you've got any of these for sale, let me know, I'm planning on coming back to OC with the hardware that I enjoyed the most! Can pay via IBAN or PayPal.
  6. I've got two sticks of Ripjaws 4 2400 C15, from a 4X4GB Kit, uploading time stamp soon https://imgur.com/a/8jJir8F
  7. Has anyone here ever attempted to run a fermi card on LN2 Without the IHS? I am pretty sure that my card will have some horrible thermal paste and I am wondering if I can run direct die or if I should just fill it up with kryonaut and move on?
  8. This thread gets updated a few days before I plan on getting mine, lucky me
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