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Wprime E6750 points for this entry...


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Please take a look at this one.


It's showing up a #1 here:




That would be first of seven with 2.0 points, but compare it in this page where it shows up as #78 in the list. If this is correct, it should probably be worth more than 2.0 points.




Maybe it is correct as it is. If so, please let me know what I'm missing. Something looks off about it to me.




Ah ha. Perhaps his original entry shows it as running on 4X rather than 2X cores... Is the 6750 a quad core? I thought it was a dual core...




This looks like another list with duplicate entries. This one shows up on a couple of different pages.


Compare # 78 with # 82. Are they the same? They look as if they are same entry from here...



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