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Asrock AM2NF3 bios

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Just throwing out a bait to see if anyone of you AGP Overclockers got a "naked" bios file for the AM2NF3 motherboard laying around.


I think a corrupt bios is Behind That my card totaly refuse to boot and I've had no success with hot flashing it due to ASRock bad habit of hiding the bios file in the flasher software.


So anyone got the file saved away or the option to take a backup of thier Bios with something like "Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit" and help me out? Bios version 3.30 is very much preffered as it Allows the use of Phenom2s ;)

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Tried open the exe with 7zip?

You need the special nforce driver on asrock page to get agp cards to work. IIRC Vista and Win7 are out due a driver limitation.


Already tried 7zip and doesnt work, only thing I found when searching for alternatives was a guy that had exctracted the bios from a working chip but that download link was dead now.


And yea, Ive already benchend some 10 cards with this mobo before it decided to die on me so this isnt software related. Behavior hints of corrupt bios tho so hope to get it back to life.

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Maybe it is just wrongly named. Try to rename the "DOS" bios to AM2N3VT3.30.


PS: Hmm, no..it's not.

Phenom II are supported in 3.20 too, so why not flash this one and then upgrade to 3.30 after you get the board working.


Interesting, I checked like 4 versions but not the 3.20 and that one actually got the bios file unpacked. Testing if it worked now or Im out of luck for real.


EDIT: Nope, motherboard is still dead, fan starts to spin for a very short time then it just turns itself off again, guess Ill have to bench some PCI-e cards instead before a new good agp cards shows up then..

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