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How to made a 3DMark 2001 score on Vanta LT 16MB?


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Guys, I wonder, how can I made a 3DMark 2001 score on Vanta LT 16MB. Christian Ney seems to pull it up well:



(no idea why 1st score HWbow show as 2nd?)


With default settings -1024 x 768, 32bit, 32bit textures:



Now there is a slight problem, because when I run the test at default settings, I get out of memory message on start of the 2nd pass (hi details) if 1st game test:



So I tried to lower the memory requirments of everything else:

- changed desktop resolution to 800x600x16 (no help)

- changed max rendering frames ahead from 3 to 1 (no help)

- changed 32bit Z-buffer to 24bit (no help)

- changed 32bit textures to 16bit (no help)

- changed resolution &testures & Z-buffer to 16bit = works!




But that are not default settings and that IIRC invalidate the result, right? Mine Vanta LT 16MB can do 163/195MHz w/o reasonable cooling on the GPU chip (!), so I'm looking for ways to make this bench work and ATM also wondering, how can anyone pull it together. Are there some secret optimalizations in play? :)

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Christian Ney -

Use the same driver I used ;)


Seems to be the only one thing left ATM. Even using driver settings about mimpaps did not help to free more memory for the test... :( Dunno, where to get these old Forceware (Denonator?) drivers v30.82 ... gotta ask uncle google...


PS: If you beat me, I will ban you :D


Since my Vanta LT 16MB clock far higher that yours - get your ban button ready, Chris! :)



ObscureParadox -

In BIOS can you make any Ram available to the GPU to use as GPU-Ram? That's one of the only things I could think


AGP aperture settings is 256MB and it did not seems to help a bit.


...of other than playing with LOD to maybe lower the memory requirements


Nothing helped, not even forcing lowest mipmaps, so the only one remaining possibility is the old v30.82 drivers...




Guru3D download ForceWare 30.82: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=441 Testing time!

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That works - with ForceWare v30.82 is the Vanta LT 16MB capable of running 3DMark 01 and except one graphic bug (when in test 1, second hires pass the big robot fire his lasers, then a few horizontal lines over the screen are drawn instead of them, regardless of used overclock or not) it works well.


BUT there are another problems now, lol.


1) the maximum clock is limited to 125/160 in the drivers:



The result is then mere 1182 marks: http://hwbot.org/submission/3017568_


2) the clocks are not showing in GPU-Z (finally I understand why Christian have zero infos on the clock on the screen... it works for me with v45.28 but not with v30.82)


3) RivaTuner limits can be pushed harder, yes, but it does not show the GPU clock. Curiously it show the memory clock correctly, but GPU clock is lost. See there:


Rivatuner_clocking_Vanta_fail_1.jpg Rivatuner_clocking_Vanta_fail_2.jpg


You see on first picture, test at 170/200MHz was fine, but when I hit the Apply button ("Použít" in Czech Win), then - as you can see on the next image - GPU clock go back to the default 100MHz. That somewhat suxx, since then I have no tool to even check the clocks...


4) so I just tried "set blindly" 150/200MHz clocks out of sheer flustration and yes, that works - score result is 1527 :)



5) that get me wondering, if the GPU clock moved at all, so I set the known highest limit w/o cooler - 163MHz for the GPU, while sticking with 200MHz for rams - score result is 1540 :D



6) ...so how to check the core clock? Okay, new strategy! I know that testing even of 185MHz for the GPU core will pass, but it will crash when in bench, so... I set 180/205MHz. Test went fine BUT in the start of 3D screen in 3DMark 2001 it freezed. So RivaTuner can clock the nVidia Vanta LT 16MB card and only the clocks are not visible ... maybe PowerStrip? Who knows.


Time to submit the scores and look out for a decent cooler to get GPU clocks higher that lame 163MHz :)





PS. Christian, thanks for the suggestion and pls look over the ban button for the Aquamark scores to build, as you can probably quess, there are going to be even faster runs ;)

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Nope, since no VGA bios editor allow me to change the clocks on nVidia Vanta LT 16MB card. I already tried this to get the GPU under 25MHz:



That would be, of course, an elegant solution. But RivaTuner is proven to work. There is only one downside - the clocks for GPU are not displayed in any app. So you have to take the informations I give and the results I made and draw own conclusions. What stoped me ATM is, that my thermal adhesive turned into chewing-gun: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=147999


Quite pissed about it, since the benches really cannot get over 163MHz on core to finish. But 205MHz for rams seems working (!) and tests at 185MHz for GPU also, so if I just cool the GPU, then it will be a seriously powerfull Vanta LT 16MB :)


But but... it is not now.

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