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[FS] good 5960X 4700/4000 CB R15 @ 1,228v !!!


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Hi Guys,


for Sale here a good clocking 5960X

Batch: J520B789 Boxed OVP. I am first Owner, this Chip is only Pre-testet.

No LN2 or SS benched....


I am looking for 925 €, World Wide Shipping with DHL, insured.

Located in Germany


PayPal or Bank transfered.


CB R15 Scaling:

4500/4000 @ 1,129v

4600/4000 @ 1,179v

4700/4000 @ 1,228v


2000-01-02_015433o1ufp.png 2000-01-02_015705kouv8.png 2000-01-02_01580891u4w.png 20151204_19272398r94.jpg 20151204_192732pdpkk.jpg

Privat Selling, no Warrenty from me !!

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