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How about the site format?


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First of all, everything in history that is about subzero should definitely be saved. How it all started. The easiest are videos - store them as is.

As for articles, it might be interesting to keep them as is too - the whole page - it's design, how the author described the process and results - are parts of the history. It's really nostalgic to take another look on Holicho's page for example.


So we can collect pages as they are and then make a machine translation (Google). If someone knows the language the original page is written in and knows English (might be even more important than the first one :D ) then he might make a reply about mistakes/corrections.


So the output can be done as a frame with the original page.


An exception should be made for results that were in text only without any formatting and so on. Or forum posts. They should use the HWBot style (or maybe special style for history section yet staying in harmony with General HWBot style. For example, add ASCII pics there :D).


Something to start from... :)

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Concerning the format of the scores itself, I think we'll have to use the current HWBOT submission form (or a slim down version). It's not really efficient to build an entirely new result database only to suit the results of historical value, I think. Or perhaps we'll have a different table (to make differentiate between user-submitted and historical records), but the layout should be the same.


It should be possible to download a complete webpage (including the design/layout) and host them locally for people to watch. Also, I think we should also make note of location (country) and date (year) so we can build a timeline afterwards.


Concerning collecting and grouping 'sources' ... how? I've made a couple of subforums based on architecture/product groups. I suppose the easiest would be to make separate threads for separate 'records'. Any suggestion about the thread's structure?

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