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Overclocking on integrated graphics and weird voltages (HD4600)

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Hello there! I'm trying to overclock i7 4770k while using integrated graphics. I can't use my GTX because it's in service since november... But let's get back to my main question. My CPU need high voltage to run even 4.3 GHz. Right now it's running on 1.27V while other people from tutorials are running 4.5 GHZ on 1.25V. I can't even bump my ring ratio to 4.1 GHz with 1.2V... Can it be the integrated card problem? When i will get my GTX back will it run properly? Or maby my CPU is bad overclocker? Thanks for every help...

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The difference between 1.25V and 1.27V isn't that big. It's possible that your CPU just needs a bit more Vcore for 4.5 GHz than the ones you're comparing with.


What kind of benchmark scores are you seeing?

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You could try fiddling with the VCCIN volts as some CPUs like lower/higher VCCIN and that then allows you to lower the CPU volts (I have a G3258 that hates anything above 2.04v for VCCIN).


Both of my Haswell CPUs (G3258 + 4670K) required ~1.35V to do 4.5GHz benchstable (XTU/cinebench), which is pretty average/on the low side. And for cache the G3258 required ~1.25 for 4.1GHz and did 4GHz @1.2v.


I doubt it's the iGPU if you aren't trying to OC it as well.


What motherboard are you using?

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