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turn off cores in tests?


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I disabled 6 cores to pass the last test, and the result is far better core, this result would be valid?


Because it has more power per core than the punctuation in itself, and the people who have less cores are benefited with less total punctuation. There is no way to score term.

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Your result will be divided by native core of your cpu (8), so it does not help to disable cores, it would still be divided by eight cores that cpu has. You can use original 2 core cpu, this might give you better result





I better score for core removed leaving only two active, but the problem is that the total score is less than pulled with 8 active cores and not update my score in the ranking. Is there any admin that you can solve this problem?


Since it is not specified in the rules it is understood that you can activate or deactivate cores, the FX modules to share its architecture with this minor inconvenience. Can somebody help me?

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I have a custom refrigeration, have called S.A.R.L (autonomous system of liquid cooling), with a deposit of 30 liters of water and two DDC pumps.




With two cores sack punctuation assets by more than 8 core assets, what I mean, and it is by Bulldozer architecture.

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