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[GLOBAL] Strong 6600K (-140°C Cold Bug)


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I was lucky enough to track down a strong chip (4.8GHz XTU at 1.35V) but unlucky enough to get one with a cold bug. I've taken it cold four times now and every time, I've run into the same CB. This is with voltages that work perfectly for other Skylake chips. When I kept hitting the CB, I didn't try much more other than validating 6.2 or so. It will boot fine at 6GHz, 1.75V, and -120°C but it's pretty much untested beyond that.


However, it's a very strong ambient chip. It'll run 4.9/4.9 XTU at 1.415V and 5.0/4.9 at just over 1.50V. 5G boot at 1.40V.


Here's a 4.8/4.8 run at 1.35V set in BIOS. Note that this crashes sometimes so 1.355 or 1.360 may be required, depending on LLC settings and board).





Note that there was damage from the delid so this is being sold without a warranty and as-is.


Price is $270 USD shipped.


Payment via PayPal. Price includes USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate in the US. International shipping is additional. Please contact me for a quotation.









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There are very slight indents on the PCB that you can see if you look closely.





The large dent in the top left is raised slightly over the surface of the CPU but contact has not been an issue with my water block or pot, as is demonstrated by the load temperatures of XTU.

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