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Problem with GPU PI sub


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Did a pair of runs with GPU PI and a newly aquired R9 380X GPU.

This is the exact GPU I am using:



After the runs were completed I submitted the data files and it came up as a R9 285..... Which it's not.


I also do not have the option shown to recalculate the result. :confused:


Submission links:

1B GPUPI: http://hwbot.org/submission/3174064_

32B GPUPI: http://hwbot.org/submission/3174065_


I know you probrably can't do much with the program itself but could you at least fix the entry so it's within the proper category with points?



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The detection of AMD graphics cards is sometimes off, because they relabel the cards with the same GPUs and Compute Units and do not expose the name of the model itself within the APIs.


But this could be a bug in GPUPI, because the R9 285 has a different CU count than the R9 380X, although both are shown with the codename Tonga. I will have a look at this and fix it, if necessary.


Until then please uncheck the "GPU detection" on the submission dialog. This will send you to an intermediate site on HWBOT, where you will be able to enter the graphics card manually.

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