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No points league !!!

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Hello Staff ,


I am on Air-Water League on Enthusiast League but today pass to No points Apprendit league and not points , what happens ?


I stay on hwbot since 2012 and I am consider certainly experience ...


I want to mantaine on Enthusiast League ... Thank you for consider my opinion...


Regards !!

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Will be checked, what cooling do ypu use? Water, chiller, aio, custom build with radiators only?


Please move to Enthusiast League , is the basic refrigeration methods Air - Water on Custom systems setup ..... dont know because move to aprentice league.


Thanks for your comprension ... ;)

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The reason why you moved to Apprentice automatically is because you indicated you used Single Stage Phase Change on the VGAs in these two submissions:


- http://hwbot.org/submission/3177631_

- http://hwbot.org/submission/2141505_


Ok , but is error from me , click on "S" on the menu and select "Stock Air" but I dont know if select "Single Stage" .. error from me.


The two submissions are edited to "Stock Air" ...


Thank's and sorry for the error human ....

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