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PSU MOD - rails soldered to one


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Hey guys,


I would like to know your opinion.


I bought SilverStone Strider 1,5kW for my 980Ti KPE for LN2 purposes from a friend. He soldered rails together to make it single-rail PSU.


He was feeding with this PSU 3x290@1200MHz and 3970X@5GHz on water.


Now I'am having second thoughts, how safe is it? Whats the chance it will blow up and take my card with it?


Thanks alot

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Well, don't know much, maybe I could open it tomorrow and post some photos but he's not idiot, I guess (hope). He said he does that to all his PSUs he keeps for some time, he does reballs, repairs and all that stuff I don't know :D


I just know what beast KPE is, so I'd like to have more opinions :)

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If he just simply joined separate rails together, then its not quite single rail. In reality each rail will have slightly different voltage, and thus the rail with the highest voltage will feed the component (eg. gpu) until that rail drops in voltage due to stress and goes down to the voltage level of the other rail that's when the other rail starts to get used. It might trigger OCP, since this isn't true single rail.


Im also not sure how well psus respond to one rail backfeeding another due to one having higher voltage than another. Edit: thinking about it im preety sure psu manufactures have that covered and use diodes etc. to prevent that from happening

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