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Data base for listings 1-20 is messed up.

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Here's another one where the database for listings 1-20 is messed up. It has duplicate entries by listed in two or more places for 1-20.


Please look at the first two (2) pages of entries very carefully. If you do the problem should be obvious. It is the same type of problem encountered before.


Let me know if you see the problem. If not I'll try to explain it more clearly.






For example, look for my time. Note that it is not on page one, but only on page two. Shouldn't it be on page one? 27.078 secs for Super Pi 1M.

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It's on one and two (#19 and #31).;) I think it's because there's no zero in the .xxx part of the time and the DB can't decide where it goes. You need to start putting all three numbers in buddy.:)


I believe the submission was for 27.078 sec. That's the correct score and how I recall submitting it. That is, I did submit it with the zero to start with. The bot seems to drop those.


When I originally looked at the two pages, it was only on the second page and not on the first one.


It also appeared that there were duplicate entries on pages one and two. Not just my score, but others.


Time to go back and check that.


Yep, that's still the case. Please compare ALL the entries on pages one and two. Not just mine. See who is #12 and 21 for example... There could be others, too.


Something doesn't look right to me. Do you see it or is it just me?




Compare with:



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I've seen some similar fuckups before. Unfortunately I can't change this, only massman can (hopefully :P ). Your score gets the correct amount of boints, though :) Just so you don't worry about that part :D


Maybe the engine counts soft deleted and/or non-best scores belonging to users with better scores when you look at any other page than top 20?

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