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Strong Island - GeForce GT 710 (GK208) @ 2077/1225MHz - 5min 24sec 48ms GPUPI - 1B


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Crazy run and crazy card, well done ! What volt/temp ?


thanks a lot guys, this run was 1.625v -95c. I was like so shocked it kept going, I probably could have tried a bit more voltage and cold but I did like 10 runs, +13 core everytime and at 5min a piece I just got so tired.


The first night I benched I maxed out the oc software at +1000 clock offset and I couldnt get any oc software to go higher.


So I was locked to 1946mhz, but after bios edit the card had a higher starting clock and I was able to push more.

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Great run man... You really deserved first place for sure!!!!



Thanks so much, your scores were insane and great efficiency, I'm sure if you had more time you would be first. But either way hopefully we both had a lot of fun.


It was so nice to just ignore the cpu and really focus on completely maxing gpu. It was a lot of fun. I also only bought one card so it didnt cost much. The coil was making some freaky noises at 1.65v.


I have never killed a gpu, I was so tempted to try it just to see what it's like, and then resurrect with epower. But this is a really nice 2d gpu. Glad it's still alive.


My mods were ugly but they worked.

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WOW! You keep on surprising me, @Strong Island. Even after all this time. Even after reaching top-3 worldwide. Fantastic benching!


Where can I buy my Strong Island t-shirts :D


haha, thanks so much. Im so happy we had a comp like this. I got so many fun nights out of a $30 gpu.


I wanted to use the 6100 for cpu to make it cost effective all the way around, but for some reason my Catzilla Loading time was way off with it.

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