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(FS)MOCF/ 64GB B-die/ 6700K/ 6320


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up for sale is my memory binning and test hardware, I do not need it anymore and decided that it is too good to be used for surfing. Later I will also sell my refurbished Gene8 and 6600K, but due to a couple of rmas still in progress, I need these for doa testing.





1. Asrock Z170 MOCF


The board is boxed with complete unused accesory. I made a last test today and it works perfectly. Invoice (caseking) is part of the deal


mocfsale150s9p.jpg mocfsale2jusfp.jpg


2. Intel Core i7 6700K boxed wof


Retail, boxed, batch L602, tested for 4,5ghz prime 1344 1,15v on the MOCF. the CPU also has a decent imc, despite bad air cooling I was able to run all benchmarks 4133 12-11 and Spi32m XP 4085 waza without any problems. 4133 waza I tested once with modest voltages, this failed due to whatever reasons. 5/5 air possible for 32m. Not delidded or lapped


mocfsale5dvjhw.jpg 1632413312-111.95vtolrqrxw.jpg 4500115v45mlnya8.jpg


3. Intel core i3 6320 boxed


Decent i3, tested for 4,5ghz CB15 1,23v on MOCF, cpu also has no problems to run 2000c12 memory, not more tested (4,5ghz test). In box with fan if needed

jd801451ngjsn.jpg 6320cinebench154.5zmuns.jpg 6320spi32m2000ram4.52esr5.jpg


4. 4x16GB G.Skill TridentZ DDR4-3400 C16-16-16-36 1,35v


Awesome kit, I once received this for tests for a competition and they do extremely well. I did for example 3733 12-12-12-28 1T on Impact 32m, 3600 c12 on Hero, 3733 C17-17-17-28 worked at 1,35v. At full slots on a Maximus 8 Hero I was able to run 3466 11-11-11-28, due to platform only 2t though, but for 2011 these should do extremely well because there was lots of headroom on volts. Best 16GB sticks I know of, I kept them long time because someone offered me a 6950x, but now decided to let these go because I have other priorities in life atm. I will link the short review I did and posted at OCXtreme for results.



mocfsale4zsu70.jpg mocfsale3jiu7a.jpg


Prices in euro excluding shipping

1. 220 Euros

2. 400 Euros sold, payment received

3. sold, payment received

4. 360 Euros


Preferred means of payment are paypal (gift payment or buyer covers fees) or western union transfer. The items are located in Berlin, germany, shipping in european union will be around 18 euros for the board with dhl, around the same for the i7, the i3 I could ship for 10 Euros with deutsche Post, the mems will be 15 Euros worldwide with deutsche Post as well


Disclaimer. This is a private sale, so I can´t offer or accept returns. On warranty, all items should be covered by this because they were not physically altered or changed, so manufacturers warranty should work unless you damage it^^

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Many variables, memory, board, imc, wrong settings or insufficient cooling can cause this, I am not sure about my fail on this. The cpu was binned for core and cache, so I am happy that it does at least 4133 without and 4085 with waza on air. could be much worse :D

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Guest barbonenet

Mike i need the 6320....let me know


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Edit: maybe i found one here in australia....

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