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[FS] 2x4GB Ripjaws E-die, 2x4GB Kingston 3466C16 AFR


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Up for sale are two memory kits that I no longer need.


2x4GB G.Skill Ripjaws 4 3200C16. Asking 45 Euros + shipping.

F4-3200C16D-8GRK. The best set of around 40 sticks of E-die that I tried. Can do 1800 11-18-18 at 1.82-1.84V, 1933 12-19-19 around 1.80V and 2000 12-20-20 around 1.89-1.90V, depending on the platform.


img_20160917_15595249l0sgo.jpg 1800c11_182v_32m_z1702jsxt.png 1933c12_179v_32m_z170vts5g.png 2000c12_189v_32m_z170rvsgz.png


2x4GB Kingston HyperX 3466C16. Asking 60 Euros + shipping.

HX34C16PBK2/8, based on Hynix 4Gbit AFR. Can do 32M at 1800 12-17-17 at 1.84V, 1866 12-18-18 at 1.92V and 1933 13-18-18 at 1.90V with my Impact.


img_20160917_16002857i1j63.jpg 1800c12_184v_32m_z1703vj3m.png 1866c12_192v_32m_z170qtkov.png 1933c13_190v_32m_z170b7kdq.png


Shipping costs are between 10 and 17 Euros, depending on destination.

IBAN banktransfer is my preffered method of payment, but I also take PayPal is buyer is to cover the payment fees.

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