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  1. Let;s see what happening, over or close too 154 fsb i have already run 156/156 motherboard limit in this socket Last stage (stage 4) is the key for winning this stage...
  2. Thank you Zafiropo-san, P3C-D is very interested, I didn't expect that board to run at 180FSB, did you try some cpu benches? @Kotori-san No.Not yet.I think we will have to find out in the next competition. I think @Stelaras already answer a part of your question in this post: Stelaras`s 3DMark 99 Max score: 12020 marks with a Rage Fury MAXX Considering it's a dual CPU board it did great . I wasn't expecting to max-out the PLL at 180MHz to be honest . Kotori-san , as i can tell by looking at your score , our runs were pretty close in efficiency . RDRAM doesn't help Pentium-III CPUs and performs close to SD-RAM . I believe the main reason i got to 12K was because of the CPU . If i had your SH6 board i'm sure i would have scored way higher . The 1000EB CPU was only at 2.05V & -30C . It was enough for booting , entering windows and running the benches . Totally stable at 180MHz FSB . Probably if we are talking about WPRIME bench or HWBOT Prime, we can see the differences between ASUS P3C-D AND ABIT SH - 6 and all the parameters about fsb wall or fsb limit for its one of the specific motherboard Too many parameters...
  3. Let's say i'm newbie in this platform. Super bypass is very tricky in this platform (SLOT A) especially for overclockers. for sure after 3 days test ,with Super bypass enable you can achieve 3-4 seconds in superpi if the motherboard let you do it, or if you find the right settings after continuous blue screens but.... it depends of the higher fsb, chipset, and motherboard + cpu fsb limit. Theoretically ABIT KA7 is the best motherboard, but can you run Thunderbird cpu's in this mobo? Thunderbird 1000 is it a good choice or not? And of course if you don't own a goldenfinger device just forget it
  4. Respect to MR@kotori sun Probably you are the winner in stage 2 SuperPI 1M
  5. @Mr\.Scott I'M SORRY FOR HI JACKING @Stermy57 said: Do you want to play the game? Do it with a simple Rage 128 pro MR @Stermy57 Your score, with a single vga card until right now, probably it is one of the best score, but it isn't the best enough to win this stage. About the competition with double ATI fury maxx its a different story. Until right now no one in this stage had play the game with the right motherboard. Let's say all the competitors they are clean, without possible CPU tweaking tricks... 180 CPU FSB IS IT POSSIBLE?
  6. Thanks @GRIFF I'm sorry about the dead cpu My MSI K7D MASTER didn't post with any ram except 2700 ecc Our own steps was:
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