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It just for those where only a small processor, but for the where the 6950x have not!


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Hei der8auer. I have given myself the greatest trouble the entire weekend and must say that I understand your argument. Check out the results in detail. I am in the Enthusiast League and possess exactly one 6950x and 2x GTX TITAN X. CPU CPU frequency I can not score: over 50% with H2O I overclocked, but someone with 6700 must overclock for the first place only 35%. XTU and Cinebench I have also no chance since all results are divided by 10. I would like to know your opinion, to my position

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Tip: You can disable cores for CPU-Z/geekebench if needed... But true it won't be sufficient to be competitive versus the Skylake CPUs due to way lower achievable clocks.


You are right looking at the bechmarks and co that it is easier for mainstream 2-4 core cpus, that sport already higher stock clocks and OC way higher on H20 than your 6950X...


Now look it from the other competitors' point of view... The way the benchmarks are selected it allows you to enter and maybe get a chance to be present at the bootcamp with an affordable processor like an I3-6300.


That is what it is all about, not about who has got the most expensive hardware and gets an easy ride to compete in Berlin. If HWBOT only adresses the ones with a 6950X we would only have 10 entries. It is far more viable option to make all competitions accessible to a wide public.


For all competitions you need to make a proper selection of the hardware you will best use and the 6950X is indeed limited in many aspects...

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Sporrdig it's complaining on a rediculous niveau. You think it's an achievement to boost an 6950x by 50%? I would say, 80-90% of all 6950x can do this on just CPU-Z verification. No big deal.

Pushing a 6700k by 36% is super rare to achieve (delided CPU and still probably 1 of 100 or less ar able to reach this).


I just went through your submissions:

-Basic memory clocks which are extremely loose and slow, even though they should run at 3000mhz(2400mhz at 15-16-16-39-T2)

-Cache Frequency of 3100 which could go way higher for sure


Then if you would have gone through the top submissions, you would have found some easy ways of reaching much more than you did. Single core benchmarks where u can turn off cores are no big secret. Running XTU on a W10 32bit as another tweak. This shows just the mentality of "I bought a 1700.-- CPU, i have to be winner of all competitions". My advice for you, don't push 1.66v through 10 cores on water. This won't end good for you.


The real fun part about having mostly skylake platform, is the proper display of skill. Guys like Nik or P5ycho are damn good at what they do, and i think none of them owns a 6950x. So would it be fair, to let them compete against a CPU they can't beat, even when it runs at factory clock?


Get a skylake Platform and push it to the limits. Way more fun anyways.

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