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Vellinious - Radeon R9 290X @ 1310/1846MHz - 16005 marks 3DMark - Fire Strike


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That is indeed one of the ones which was mailed to Christian... We compiled dozen of submissions from the bot (290 and 290X cards) with the same driver and diff OSses: some get high GT2s, while others running at similar clocks, driver, OS are not even breaching 70FPS...


Can you tell me what is going on ? Anyway special (bios, driver) tweaks I can't test, unless privately shared with the moderation team.


Just to put things straight, this is not a witch hunt versus you or other members in your team, but some things need clarification, don't you agree...

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We can discuss this a long time, let´s see what FM says. This might be an excellent example why Futuremark sometimes disapproves drivers, even whql ones, like on nearly all results linked here, because some of them simply bug at benchmarking - we will see :)

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Trust me we don't need 1800+ mems to measure/predict GT2 scaling or not. If a certain moment it goes nuts with just a few Mhz more, it is bugged... not an optimum setting...


If your 1750MHz gives 71.8 and 1830 already does 78, I should be able do the same 6FPS or higher boost comparing between 1450 and 1600MHz right ?


Should...between 5 and 6, in that neighborhood, sure. Possibly more when you consider how the memory was cooled (kryographics block, active backplate and tgrizzly between the memory and the block), the memory type, amount, and memory timings. I spent hours in that bios messing with memory timings to give me the absolute best results I could muster. There were a few people that put a lot of hours in on that bios...and other's bios versions.


So, will your memory deliver more fps going from 1450 to 1600? Don't have a clue....I can tell you that it's not really a valid comparison...there are too many variables.


I'll dig around next weekend and see if I can find the bios file I finally ended up using. I'm sure I posted it in a thread or it's sitting in a PM somewhere.

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I didn't have much time to look around, but found a couple of the test files they had helped me with. These look like pretty simple volt mods, and one with an LLC mod. I don't see any of the files with the adjustments to the timings...I think mostly we were playing with 390 / 390X timings...


Pretty sure this is just a simple volt mod.



Looks like an LLC mod, probably with the same voltage mod as above.



No idea what this is. From the name, I'd guess stock bios, bios switch position 1.



That's all I could find....do with it as you wish. It really doesn't even matter any more. I'm done being upset over it.


G'luck with your inquisition, I hope it goes well.

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