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[Worklog] The First OBT in South America :)


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Hey @andressergio!


Awesome pictures man - really like them. Clean and efficient :)

Also checked your stream (not the whole thing but some pieces) - it's great. I like how you present and take the time to figure things out etc. Really cool.


Don't hesitate to share any feedback you've got!


Thanks a lot Xyala that is nothing compared with the new ones


as for now here are the links, then i will up them


kindly check


This is my fanpage Uruguay OC so don't worry all is safe i have 25K followers





Hope you like them !!!

Kindly, Sergio

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@Trouffman for sure ;)

ret(ard)ired OCer = LMAO !!!


here my pics guys enjoy Love this OBT my score is 10/10 and with my Recommended Gold Award.



I5960X 4.6GHz + 32GB Apacer DDR4 32000C16 + ASRock X99 OCF

1x 512GB NVMe SSD + 7x 1TB SSD

2x ZOTAC GTX 1080AMP! Extreme 8GB

Powered by Silverstone ST1500 GS

Cooled by Alphacool Eisbaer 280 CPU Liquid Cooler

Open Bench Table Community Edition

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@andressergio - I am a subscriber to Uruguay OC on Youtube and Facebook, and i must say i love your builds and your reviews.

With the new forum moved to the new structure, your build pics are no longer being displayed.

Would you consider adding your build pictures in


And add a link to the build to the topic User BC1 Builds?



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