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OCF (not M) vs M8I and Koolance 380i compatibility with M8I ?

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Hi guys. I have 2 questions. I am currently using i5-6500 with ASUS Z170-A and TDZ 3600 CL17.


I can't really decide between regular OCF or M8I for memory OC. M-OCF is not available in my country. I plan to push RAM to 3866-4000 12-11-11-28 for fun (My Z170-A currently set record at 3754 12-11-11-28-200-2T). And 3866-4000 or more with CL15 or 16 1.45V for daily use.


I prefer M8I as it has 2 dimm slot. But it must be so ugly to fit ITX board in standard ATX case (NZXT H440).


Will OCF perform as good as M-OCF ?


Also Anyone using Koolance 380i with M8I ? will it fit ? If it can't fit than I have no choice but to choose OCF. Thanks in advance and sorry for too many question.

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OCF can not be compared to MOCF or Impact VII in terms of memory performance. If MOCF is off the table for sure and memory OC is a concern you MUST go with the Impact vii. I currently have the OCF and MOCF and had the Impact viii and the two dimmers blow OCF out the water in terms of mem OC. My good B die kit does 4133c12 1.885v bios, cpu on aio the same cpu/ram kit on OCF can only do 1t around 3733/3800 and while I can get em to 4000+ it must be 2T with way worse rtl's so performance is not good. If you can wait for Z270 boards this is best bet if not buy used MOCF or new Impact. They both will put a smile on your face when clocking ram

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