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[FS] Golden 6700K and 4770K!


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Selling my best 6700K and 4770K.



Retail CPU, delidded of course. Small chips on all corners of the die (happened during first bench) but runs fine of course. Some results:

SPI 1M: 6840MHz

Pifast: 6820MHz

3D03: 6700MHz

3D05: 6650MHz

Geekbench multicore: 6560MHz

CB R15: 6525MHz


Price: 700€

Paypal as friend or banktransfer




4770K including MB of your choice and very good samsung mems:

CPU is delidded but most scores I did with the CPU was before delid...

6700MHz+ SPI 1M 3rd place, Rauf`s SuperPi - 1M score: 5sec 250ms with a Core i7 4770K

3Dmark01 - 6550MHz+ (result done when I was a noob and before delid)

I have done a 1393 run (third place) in CB R15 at 6300MHz, but overpoured and got CB before screen. This was also before delid and when I was a noob obviously...



2x4GB DDR3 samsungs (Dominators 2400C9). Does 32M at 2890MHz 9-12-12 with tight subs and tight RTL.


Boards: Z97 OCF, or Gigabyte Z97 Soc Force - Your choice!


Price for whole 4770K setup (one of the MBs): 600€

Paypal as friend or banktransfer

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