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FS: Galax B-die


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Selling some good Galax B-die. One kit form the original OC-lab binning, strong kit, number 15 out of the 100. And two kits I got in the Galax Finals, special GOC 2016 version.


I really hate 32M and wazza and have no time to bin the mems for wazza capability. So I used 3D11 Physics for binning since it’s faster and provides more “real world†data (as in you can run pretty much any benchmark except 32M). Here’s my data for 12-11-11-28-1T:


OC-lab Kit 15: Max 4180MHz at 2.03V



GOC 2016 kit 1: Max 4133MHz at 2.04V

(Forgot to screen this but it's the same as the one below except 2.04V)


GOC 2016 kit 2: Max 4133MHz at 2.03V



All air binning of course! Binning was done on Impact with tight subs, check screens.


Prizes (paypal as friend):

(OC-lab kit 15: 250€) - SOLD!

(GOC 2016 kit 1: 225€) - SOLD!

GOC 2016 kit 2: 200€


Shipping will be around 15€




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