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Corsair Dominator Platinum 2666C10, G.Skill Flare 2000C7


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Up for sale two memory kits.


First up a quad set of Corsair Dominator Platinum 2666C10. They are pretty incredible for retail Samsungs as I have seen them matched only by ES sticks.

2933C9 is no challenge, they run 3000C9 easy on 4 DIMM Board such as ASRock OCF, on 2 DIMM Board I was able to run 32M at 3070C9. Sticks are 100% working and have been memtested today as well as XTU'd couple days ago.


2017_01_10_13_39_568jkc2.png 2017_01_10_14_39_496zjdl.png




Overclocking results with 4 DIMM board:


XTU 1480MHz 9-12-12 RTLs 42-43-4-4

aerotracks`s XTU score: 1374 marks with a Core i7 4770K

aerotracks`s XTU score: 1444 marks with a Core i7 4790K


3000 C9 at tweaker's challenge

aerotracks`s SuperPi - 32M score: 5min 57sec 625ms with a Core i7 4790K

aerotracks`s XTU score: 1326 marks with a Core i7 4790K


with 2 DIMM Gigga board:

XTU 1490MHz 9-12-12, 1510Mhz 9-13-13




various 32M



Price: Sold


Next up G.Skill Flare 2000C7. Heat spreaders have been removed but are part of the deal.

Sticks are 100% working and have been tested today for 2666C8 tight 1.9V on Z97 OCF.






Overclocking results on dice:

2700 7-11-7 32M copy waza, on weak Pentium IMC that struggles with PSC



Price: Sold


Item location: Germany.


Payment via PayPal/IBAN. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees.


Private sale, no returns, no warranty. Overclocking results may vary, but were achieved as mentioned on my system.

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