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Allowed GPU's Div III


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necro at this point, but allowing the 980 blew the Div III "concept" here. The current cost argument for an old part would then allow all sorts of old gen Halo and HEDT parts. At launch the 980 was the premier nvidia HEDT part, excluding the Titan Maxwell "halo" product. For maxwell generation cards the proper limitation is the 960 for Div III. What went wrong here?

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This was discussed before, so why discuss it again? When we had exact same model GTIjason presented above last year people said it is no good, now they say new model is no good. When you look at Time spy for example 1060 and 980 are head to head, with the advantage for 980 more guys might still own this card or can buy it for 50% less than a 1060. I was very happy with last years tier model, but we had too many users who did not understand it or disapproved it. Maybe we will return to it next season, a lot depends on progress of cards and new releases

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I think you misunderstand me. I'm not saying it is good or bad. The rules this year are set.

I too liked the setup last year simply because it reflects a best attempt to pair up gear.. eg, i5/970, i3/960 and so on. Allowing the 980 to drop from Div1 to Div 2 and 3 in the following year, then the same rational will have 1080s in Div3 next year I presume. And why exclude Titan Maxwell or Kepler this year in Div 2 or 3 since the performance would fit in also? Launch "tier" is not the reason to exclude them anymore.


I'm posting not necessarily for mods to read... maybe other players will see the slippery slope. But probably not. ;-/

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