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WTB cascade builder closest to denmark


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sorry but I dont know where to put this thread

I saw a thread where a single stage builder come from germany

and I have a leak in stage 2 on my custom cascade from tom holck ,and

here in denmark we have not one single guy to fix it.

so I was thinking maybe someone here know a builder near denmark,because

I have to drive from dk in my car ,I also have 2 single stage they need service

Im in good time when I cant go before the end of sommer/august


cheers carsten

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When dealing with local techs and cascades it is best to use terms that are familiar to them.


Just refer to it as a "condensing unit" and just say it has a leak.


Let them find and seal leak, do not go into how exotic or special it is.


Tell them the condensing unit is on the bench and very easy to access.


You can also tell them it is a low temp unit and ask what gas choices do you have.

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