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shar00750 - Core i7 7700K @ 6200MHz - 1369 cb Cinebench - R15


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are you sure that is dice cooling and no LN2? because 6200 R15 on dice is imposible to me at that temps! even with the mostly golden chip...

on dice you got positive temps in heavy load and cpu did 6200 on positive temps? dude need to try it on ln2 and add another 1000mhz over this subs and you are king on the hole hwbot!

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Yes , it was a golden cpu but i sold it to stefan(fonsoul).


if that cpu has that scalling at positive load temp using dice , funsoul should easy do 7 ghz R15 using LN2 ...witch seems for me SF to bealive that :) so my opinion is that yu are in apprentice category using an superior cooling method ..and submit as dice to not leave the category for extreme :D

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I have two tests done with liquid nitrogen : shar00750`s SuperPi - 1M score: 5sec 647ms with a Core i7 7700K

shar00750`s Cinebench - R15 score: 1369 cb with a Core i7 7700K

I want to switch to Extreme but I can not get liquid nitrogen. A friend managed to get me 2 liters of LN2 and that's what I did.

For fairness I chose not to get points for these tests.

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