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Points disappeared?

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Apologies if this is in the wrong sub-section.


Feel free to move or delete if thats the case. (I'd be happy just to get an email helping my issue).


Don't know if this is a bug. But I received 4.2 hardware points on Saturday 18th of February for breaking the record for fastest ever CPU Frequency ever recorded, using my specific model of motherboard.


The ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Killer.


Here's the link:


CPU Frequency overclocking records @ HWBOT


Today I was browsing my submissions and I noticed the entry is still listed, I am still in 1st place. Everything remains the same EXCEPT the points I received have vanished?


Is this a bug?


Very concerned.





Nick Peyton

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Have you tried recalculating?



Just checked, it looks like you've submitted a higher score so you're getting points for that instead.


You only get points for one submission per benchmark per piece of hardware for that benchmark (the cpu in this instance).

Which motherboard you use doesn't matter when it comes to getting points for cpu-z.

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Just to make things more clear for you.


You only receive points for your best submission with a given hardware. Benchmarks are divided into CPU, GPU, Motherboard and RAM.

CPU-Z is a CPU benchmark, so the motherboard doesn't matter for the points. If you submit the exact same CPU model with 10 different motherboards, you will only get hw points for the best submission out of these 10.


Motherboards are only ranked by FSB frequency. You use the cpu-z validation again, but this time you enter the motherboard reference clock. This time you have the opposite - the ranked hw is this specific motherboard model, so it doesn't matter if you submit 10 different results with 10 different CPUs using this motherboard.


You still see your old submission with this motherboard in the rankings, but it does not add to your total points, because you have now a better score in the same cpu-z benchmark with the same cpu model.


PS: More or less what George said :D

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