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[FS] Rauf's best 7700K :)


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Hi guys!


I'm selling my best chip! You probably know it's pretty decent, but here are a few examples:


6880Mhz R11.5 - Rauf`s Cinebench - R11.5 score: 16.86 points with a Core i7 7700K

7145MHz Pifast - Rauf`s PiFast score: 8sec 830ms with a Core i7 7700K

7G+ Aqua - Rauf`s Aquamark score: 655876 marks with a GeForce GTX 1080


The thing is most scores, except the last ones like R11.5, were done very quickly as I at the time had so many records to break. Like 05/06 were literally just two runs and then move on to next bench. Chip can definitely do more! I have not pushed volts in pifast/SPI either, just 1.94V. Another thing is that as you can see I have not removed the glue either. Some say it will help for some more MHz also...


So, I'm looking for 1400€/1500$ shipped worldwide.


I'm selling because I have benched pretty much all I can with Kaby and need funds for Titan Xp :)


Chip has a chipped corner but is fully functional! It is a L639G500 binned by Hazzan. I believe it is retail, but could be wrong...

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