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FS:EU 8800GTX SLI w/ fullcover waterblocks


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hi all,

selling my set of G80 gpus, 100% working. first card is from websmile its a reference NV, second is an EVGA. i just used them for fun benching in SLI and dont need them anymore.

only vgpu mod with hotwire. if the buyer wants i can remove it.

the reference card is flashed with bfg oc bios 660/1566/1030 and it was fully stable with stock cooler. can do 700+/1800+/1100+ on water 1.40vgpu.

the EVGA card has the factory bios, and not a real good ocer, cannot handle more than 650/1450/990 on stock cooler, can do 684/1670/1100 on water 1.40vgpu.

the waterblocks are BRAND NEW on both cards (yes i know its hard to beleive in 2017 but true story lol), not used secondhand stuff, i bought them opened the seal and put on all the new gap pads few days ago. Arcticcooling MX-2 applied on GPUs, loaded temp is like 40~42C with 1.40vgpu on a 480quad radiator. im not going to remove them for the sale, as is.

i can ship them safely in a box with stock coolers next to the cards.


100 EUR shipped within EU for the 2xVGA+waterblocks.










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